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What Exactly Is Burl Wood and Why Is It So Expensive?

We all know about my love for burl wood but what most people don’t know is what burl wood is. So get ready because I’m probably about to ruin it for you:

Cute, right?! Burl wood is what happens to a tree when it’s undergone some type of stress: fungus, mold, insect infestation (shivers), etc. It can happen to any breed of tree which is why you see both dark and light types of burl wood. Despite how strange this looks on the outside, when these lumps are cut off they hold a beautiful and unique treasure. This also explains why burl wood is so damn expensive. It makes total sense when you consider the labor involved and the time it takes to find these beautiful, natural imperfections.

If you want to invest heavily in this look then I’d recommend buying the real deal which will often be vintage. But if you love the trend just for right now, look into veneer burl wood options that are more affordable, albeit, not cheap. Veneer is a thin layer of wood that is adhered to another material, like MDF (medium-density fiberboard). Don’t get me wrong, the veneer is still authentic burl wood! It’s just not the same material all the way through. When shopping for this type of wood, the description should include material. If you see multiple types of wood listed and, of course, the word “veneer”, then it’s not burl all the way through.

Now let’s move onto the more exciting and less educational part of the post, a veneer burl wood round-up!

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