• Angela Cosentino

Elegant & Earthy: What Does Grown-Up Boho Look Like?

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Lately I’ve been thinking about my personal style, which has always been a mix of modern and boho with a bit of MCM. But in 5 years will I feel like it’s too young? Not refined enough? What does boho look like in its mid-30’s? Sure, 5 years ago I wanted to live in an Urban Outfitters ad but like everything else my style has evolved.

So I started thinking about what it is I love about the bohemian style; layers, texture, mixing metals and patterns, natural wood tones, vintage-inspired, and an overall “warmth”. Then I came up with a few ways your boho style can grow with you!

Limit your DIYs

I know, this one can be hard! I love a good craft as much as the next person but an overwhelming amount of DIYed accessories is a quick way to make a room feel young. There was a time Pinterest was flooded with hoaky home crafts and we’ve all been guilty of it. If you’re looking for an authentic handmade touch, browse Etsy for professional artisans who do this for a living!

Invest in quality vintage finds

It’s easy to get excited at a consignment shop and want to corral all the vintage goods but you also don’t want your home to feel like a flea market. Find a few quality pieces that will stand the test of time.

Choose a more subdued color palette

This one probably makes the biggest impact. Choose earth tones that are muted and toned down to make your home feel more mature. Colors that have been desaturated with black or brown is an easy way to give your home a more sophisticated look.

Carefully curate your accessories

Boho design can often be a little cluttered. Make sure your accessories are either pretty, meaningful or functional. If they don’t fall into one of those categories then you can probably pair down.

Incorporate multiple wood tones

Texture is one of the staples of boho decor; it’s what makes a home home feel warm and inviting. But texture isn’t only found in rugs, curtains and pillows. Make sure each room has a few different wood tones present, otherwise it can feel flat.

P.S. Did you know just looking at wood grain has been proven to relax humans? The organic movement is literally calming!


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