Angela’s love for interiors began when her own childhood home became her creative outlet. This is what happens when you take a twelve-year-old to choose her own gallon of paint, then let her change her whole bedroom, equipped with floorplans and design boards.


Angela went on to earn a B.S. in Fashion Merchandising & Marketing from Kent State University. During a study-abroad program in Italy and France, she further explored the textiles industry and today; this expertise complements her work exquisitely. Angela skillfully incorporates texture in any space to create warmth and elegance. 


After college, she worked as a Space Planner for large corporate retailers which eventually led back to her original love of interiors. Working in the visual merchandising world plus formal Interior Design education from New York Institute of Art & Design have both sharpened Angela’s ability to balance her artistic flair with an eye for functional space. She has an aptitude for carefully curated artisan pieces that tell a story -- your story. Her gift is due to a combination of her passion for interiors and her deep-rooted instinct for matching your home to who you are, not just a page out of a catalog.

Angela Cosentino interior designer